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The Near Space Experiment Group

Launch Date: July 15, 2016

Class: Mead Summer STEM Academy - Near Space Experiments

Launch Location: Ritzville, WA

Landing Location: South of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge

Data Files:

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Excel 2007 (xlsx)


This balloon launch was part of the 2016 Mead Summer STEM Academy. The goal of this camp was to engage minds, enrich education, and expose students to potential futures in the STEM fields. Students had four days to build their pods, brainstorm what they wanted to study, construct hypotheses and procedures to test these ideas, design pod experiments, and actually assemble these pods. Then on Friday, the launch occurred, and was a volunteer based day. There were six students who attended the launch, alongside many parents and friends, and then five of the students continued to track and recover the balloon. A special thanks to the Mead Education Foundation for their support and a grant that enabled students to partake in this amazing exploration!



The students were grouped into affinity groups and then designed a pod around a central theme. There were four pods and the following links detail the experiments and the results.




Side Camera

Lid Camera

Bottom Camera